You know how to think like a millionaire. What now?

What to do now that you think like a millionaire


I hate to burst your bubble but there’s more to becoming a millionaire than just thinking. So, if you’ve spending your nights in the lotus positioning meditating on millionaire thoughts, I’m sorry. You don’t attract millions simply from thoughts.

Thoughts are extremely important!! One of the top selling books of all time is evident that you can “Think and Grow Rich“. You must think like a millionaire in order to become one. But, that book has a lot more to do with the activities of successful people than it does with meditating.

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think like a millionaire

Jimmy Smith: Success principles in Network Marketing

What do a butcher and  a millionaire have in common?

There the same person if you’re referring to Jimmy Smith. He’s no spring chicken but he still gets it done. Even in his 80′s, he makes his business his main priority. He even cites how the younger generation have lost sight of of the importance of meeting people outside of the home.

All this clicking and posting has us disconnected. I think not but that’s an issue for another day. We’re definitely connected. We’re more connected than ever, actually. But, for the small business owner or salesman that prefers foot traffic and belly-to-belly sales… times they are a-changing.

The good ol’ ways still work and are a valuable part of the repertoire. But, I’m hanging my hat on internet marketing. I can accomplish the same level of training. Get more eyeballs on a presentation and influence more of my team faster with technology.

I’m a salesman at heart though (hospitality management) and I want to get in the trenches myself. There’s something about a firm hand-shake, a big smile, and direct eye contact that adds to the effectiveness of a business relationship.

But, I digress…


jimmy smith

From working as a butcher for 40 years, Jimmy Smith made a decision after being fully retired and disabled to:

-   starting at 62 and going bankrupt by 67

-   from age 67 to 74 made about $1.5 – 2 mm reinvested

-   finally, from age 74  to 85 figured it out and made about $36.7 mm

Watching the marketing videos over and over are what kept Jimmy Smith in the game. Apparently, this start up strategy worked because Jimmy Smith was inducted in to the Top Earners Hall of Fame this year. ( notice that David Wood, David Sharpe, Vic Strizheus, and Lawrence Tam has also made the list )

watch the interview here

D Arlando FortuneKeep it as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3′s; and, do, re, mi’s

PS. There’s a powerful message behind Jimmy Smith‘s story. I’m confident that you have a story that’s just as strong. And, there’s a segment of the population that needs to hear it. Don’t sit back and allow your passion to be withheld from the audience it’s intended for because you didn’t step up to be heard. Take advantage of this opportunity TODAY!!

Sam Crowley: Every can be Saturday

Sam Crowley’s daughter saved his future

sam crowley - quote


 She missed her dad and the only time she spent time with him is on Saturday.

Sam Crowley made a decision that night to change his life… for his family. Are you willing to make that change in your life? Are you willing to sacrifice presumed job security?

You’re smart. I bet you will make the necessary adjustments. Here’s a snippet anyway:


Tracy Walker hosted the call and in with her customary charm prepared the 1000′s of listeners in attendance on the call to ‘receive’ the message that Sam Crowley was going to present. I for one wasn’t too sure about just who this Sam Crowley character was but…

He must be doing some big things though because he’s on the call. Dave & Dave don’t just let anyone on the call. You must be producing. Come to find out this gentleman is one of the big producers in the company. ****see our Income Disclaimer here****

Things were not always so good for Sam Crowley – as is true for most of our leadership. We come from all walks of life but there’s one common thread: we started, we grew, we share our story.

 Click here for the full story…


D Arlando Fortune

Keep it as simple as A, B, C’s: 1, 2, 3′s; and, do, re, mi’s

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The miracle of your mind explained

Miracle of your mind by Earl Nightingale



What has the miracle of your mind brought you?


Many believe that we are operating on less than ten percent. I for one don’t disagree but then again I may have been dropped on my head a time or two.

Scholars – Maslow, Meade, and Carl Rogers – believe this to be true. (Otto five percent; Meade six percent.) Brain surgeons and the like believe the ultimate creative capacity of the brain is estimated to be infinite.

Hard to fathom, right? Well here are some facts about the miracle of your mind…

This is going to get nerdy.

Neurons communicate with one another via synapses, where the axon terminal or en passant boutons (terminals located along the length of the axon) of one cell impinges upon another neuron’s dendrite, soma or, less commonly, axon… Synapses can be excitatory or inhibitory and either increase or decrease activity in the target neuron. Some neurons also communicate via electrical synapses, which are direct, electrically conductive junctions between cells…

The human brain has a huge number of synapses. Each of the 1011 (one hundred billion) neurons has on average 7,000 synaptic connections to other neurons. It has been estimated that the brain of a three-year-old child has about 1015 synapses (1 quadrillion). This number declines with age, stabilizing by adulthood. Estimates vary for an adult, ranging from 1014 to 5 x 1014 synapses (100 to 500 trillion).

That was pulled from Wikipedia.

So, let’s dumb that down a bit. You have a whole-lotta neurons with a whole-lotta connections to other neurons which means you can learn darn near any and everything you need to learn in order to do what you want to do. One miracle of the mind is that it makes associations out of every input and stores it for later recall.

So, you’re basically a genius… or, at least, you have the potential to be one.

miracle of your mind - gaba neuron

( No, that’s not a tree limb… it’s a GABA neuron. )

A walk in the forest


STORYTIME!! Here’s another example on the miracle of your mind. I pulled this from another blog post on neuroplasticity ( the capacity for the brain to form new connections… ie. to learn ).


An analogy to consider how this function might take place is if you grew up in the woods. Everyday you took the same few paths to get the things you needed to sustain yourself. You never strayed from those paths at all.

Then one day as you walk down your normal path that is heavily worn from years of use down to the river you notice a little building way off the trail you’re on. You think wow I’d like to check that out, but you’ve never been off the trail. You decide to go check it out. You leave the worn path that you were on to ground that you’ve never stepped foot on before.

miracle of your mind - a walk in the forest

You approach the door of the building then walk inside to notice that there is a large volume of books on the subject of building log cabins. You are looking around the room and notice a note on a table that states you are welcome to use the place anytime you want but please never take the books from the building with you.

So you begin to come and go everyday to read and focus on learning how to build new log cabins. Everyday as you come and go you begin to develop two fresh paths that diverge off of the worn river path that you use to get to the building.

When walk to the cabin everyday these fresh paths begin to become worn and easily noticeable. Even though the paths never become as ingrained and worn as your original paths they are still distinct and worn. This is similar to how neuroplasticity occurs in our brains as we learn something new. The more we repeat something and use that portion of the brain in a focused way new neural pathways might develop in your brain.


how can we tap into the miracle of your mind?


According the teachings of Earl Nightingale:


-well being and energy increases as you use more of your mind

-bridge the gap between now and future goals

-successful people learn to solve their problems, to bridge the gap


Interesting enough… he sights some fascinating statistics on what people worry about. Did you know that you’re wasting the miracle of your mind when you worry. I once heard it said that ‘worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have’.

Sounds pointless to me. However, I admit to having done my share of worrying. Here are the stats Nightingale mentions:


  • forty percent never happen
  • thirty percent over and past
  • twelve percent needless worries about health
  • ten percent petty miscellaneous worries
  • eight percent real legit worries


Wow!! What a waste of time indeed, right?

So how do I use this info to achieve a goal?

The greatest miracle of your mind is that ‘you will become and achieve what you think about if you stay with it.’

Archibald McCleash. “The only thing about a man that is a man is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse.” – The Secret of Freedom screenplay


A few more facts on the miracle of your mind


The mind separates us from everything else on earth yet most still don’t depend on it enough. Human advancement, namely technology, is a phenomena that we sometimes take for granted. But, there are people on Earth who make it a lifelong path to advance our race.

And, not only that, they form relationships and bonds with like-minded individuals to affect greater change… quicker!

Napoleon Hill called these groups master minds. He further revealed through his published studies, articles, speeches, and books that this one principle is responsible for the majority of success. Earl Nightingale called the master mind phenomena ‘human advancement: every new idea triggers another idea which creates a compounding affect’.




(Join us on our Think & Grow Rich mastermind calls Mon-Fri at 9am Eastern – 712-432-0900) No fuss. No hype. No promotions. Just pure content, love, and connecting with great individuals!



Do you really know how many hours you have available to you to learn a new skill? To tap into the miracle of your mind? Let’s break it down a bit.

The average working person has about 6000 working hours left in a year after eight hours of sleep a day.

About 2000 are on the job, which leaves roughly 4000 hours of discretionary hours… where our minds are free!! Many of us work another part time job to bridge the gap between dollars coming in on paycheck and dollars going out on bills.




You don’t have to keep working as a slave for the pay of a slave to live like a slave day in and day out… being told when to work, when to take a break and when to go home.That can change in a matter of 90 days when you start putting in the work today to change your life today. Do that for yourself today when you CLICK HERE and start earning commissions while blogging about how soon you’ll stop being a slave, about how you took a hold of your future, and about how you make money blogging about your passions! That link takes you to your first training. No obligations. It’s on me. Yours for the price of your email. FREE


Your miracle mind tapping strategy (I coined that…)


For this strategy, take one hour a day, five days a week and devote them to ‘exercising your mind’:

1.   take a blank sheet of  paper and write present primary goal across the top of it

2.   then, write as many ideas as possible down on the paper for improving that which I currently do (close to twenty at least)

***note: Most won’t be any good but some will. Do the full 20 anyway.***

Completing this one exercise for the year equates to about six and half forty hour weeks devoted to thinking about your goal and how to improve my performance. And, it still leaves fifteen hours a day to do as I please. ( These figures are approximate. Of course, you have a family life and so forth to live. ) All you need is one truly great idea!

‘Exercising my mind’ is similar to exercising my body yet the returns are considerably greater compared to the time and energy spent. But, you’re probably wondering if you really need to spend all that time.

miracle of your mind - mind exercise

You’re asking yourself is it really necessary? Poor question. Poor mindset. Poor results.

Here’s a different and more constructive way of viewing the exercise: Is my future worth ‘digging for five hours in a vein of pure gold’ (which your mind is)? Remember the your goal is just waiting to be reached.

It’s just another problem to be solved; so, ‘face it with faith and bend all the great powers of my mind towards solving it’. If you take that last quote to heart you will solve understand that you truly do have the powers to solve your problems. Problem-solving is another miracle of your mind.

It is the job of the subconscious. You must understand how to ask questions that will change your life. Because you will do just that…

…you WILL begin to change your life forever when you do this. Your subconscious won’t stop computing until it gives you an answer. That’s powerful, family!


Recap of the miracle of your mind


1.   ‘start spending one hour each day creating as many ideas as I can, try for twenty a day, on ways to improve

2.   ”imagine what life would be like if I were to increase this figure (the 5-10 percent of my mental abilities) to twenty percent or more’

3.   ‘successful people are not people without problems; they’re simply people who have learned to solve their problems’

4.   ‘don’t waste time or energy worrying about needless things… try to separate those that are real from the unnecessary and try to solve those’

5.   ‘the only thing in the world that can take me to my goals in life is my mind, it’s effective use…each of us has a tendency to underestimate his or her own abilities… we should realize that each of us has deep within us a reservoir of great ability even genius that can be tapped if we’ll just dig deep enough…’

…it’s the miracle of YOUR mind.


I’m so glad you made it through that powerful training. Whether you simply watched the video and scrolled to the bottom of this page or you read the entire page line-by-line, I’m glad you’re here. Your mind is truly a miracle, isn’t it? Right now, if you’re anything like me, it’s wondering what to do next. I’ll tell you… but first understand that you’re just beginning a new phase of your life. You will never be the same after having read or listened to the message you just received. Even better…the team on the other side of the button below can show you how to turn the miracle of your mind into a virtual gold mine.


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PS. I’ve been studying human potential and success for years. I write and speak about it often. It has not ceased to amaze me how a simple decision… made with a resolve to meet and defeat all opposition… becomes the day that turns a life around. The miracle of the mind is your weapon against the haters and naysayers. Use it well, family.


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