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I help coaches & consultants grow their businesses with signature books and sales funnels.

The right words for more leads and more customers. What can I write for you?

The 4-Hour Book

My most recent book teaches you how to write a Signature Book™️ for your business in less than four hours. And you’ll learn how to turn your content in over 29 streams of income! But that’s not it. You’ll get a full bundle of worksheets and the audiobook to make sure you get started right.



You want to write a book to share your message and mission but don't know what to write or how to publish.

You've been creating a sales page for months and still haven't finished writing it.

You know you need an email sequence to follow up with your leads but don't have the patience to write the emails.

You're depending on your clients to hook you up with another client but really want a more dependable strategy.

You're afraid to create a sales funnel because you really don't know how to build one.

If You Said Yes, Then I Can Help You!

For many business owners, finding the right words to put in your marketing is like pulling teeth. You know it needs to be done, but it’s uncomfortable and painful.

That’s where I come in with a personalized marketing strategy to turn your leads into customers using persuasive writing and sales psychology (the novocaine for your copywriting).

So if you’re someone who’s been wanting to write a book, a sales page, or an email sequence for your book sales funnel… and you’re tired of writing, erasing, and rewriting… let me do the writing for you. Choose an option below to learn more.

What Kind of Writing Do You Need?


To turn your ideas and stories into persuasive phrases that cause people to take action NOW!

Book Publishing

To turn your message and frameworks into a business-building book in less than 4 hours!

Sales Funnels

To turn your book (or minicourse) buyers into high-ticket clients using automated systems.

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Books, Courses,
& Swag

I have three books to choose from including Unlimited Potential, Overcoming Procrastination, and The 4-Hour Book. For the DIYer in you, there are several courses to help you write your book or be more productive. Or add some No Doubt Living swag to your wardrobe if you’re down for the cause.

“Fortune pulls out great resources from books to practical tools that we tend to forget to use that makes our pursuit of our goals more effective.”
- Cierra Stovall, Founder, Yes.I.Will
“5 stars to such a dynamic, well spoken, enthusiastic, passionate, relatable and educated speaker!! Well done!”
- Chesia Torrence, Owner, Silver Spoon Events

Two Podcasts

Business, Books, and Breakthroughs!

I sincerely believe that you are One Book Away from a breakthrough in your life or business. You’ll get book breakdowns, actionable takeaways, and listen in on conversations I have with some of the best minds in business, health, relationships, and marketing across the world.

Wealthy Author Podcast

A show about how entrepreneurs and speakers use their books to grow their businesses. Listen in on the conversations I have with authors from all over their world as they share their messages and how to successfully sell books.

The Daily Fortune Podcast

Storytelling, personal development, business principles all rolled into a neat package. It's a little bit of fun. A little nerdy. And plenty of meaningful content for the high achiever in you. Learn some of my biggest breakthroughs as I learn them, too.

I Have A Special Gift For You...

Get The Perfect Topic Picker Checklist and Video Training On Me.

As a special guest to my website, I want to give you a lil’ something. It’s the 7 questions I help authors answer when they’re trying to choose the perfect topic for their book. 

It’s my gift to you. click the button below to get it.