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Hey, my friend.

Did you know that Fortune offers a range of copywriting services? (You’ll find a list of them below.)

One of his best skills is storytelling. He combines his storytelling with his experience in direct sales and degrees in psychology to create compelling copy.

So, if you need marketing or sales copy that will stand out and capture people’s attention, hire Fortune.

Okay. I’m tired of talking about myself in the 3rd person…

Here’s the deal.

As an author, I have a profound love of words. (I took an etymology class in high school as an elective.)

I went back to school in 2018 to get an MS in Psychology and went on to work on my Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on human performance. 

So, I like to think that I know what makes people tick.

I combine my love of words with my understanding of human nature and marketing, which makes writing copy a perfect fit for me.

Most copywriters are either good at one or the other, but not both. As it turns out, copywriting requires a lot more than knowing how to use words.

In copywriting, it’s all about emotions. The copy needs to be so appealing that it makes someone feel as if they were there or have a firsthand experience of whatever you’re promoting.

If I do my job right, people will want what you’re offering, and they’ll even pay you well for it.

That’s copywriting, to me. And I love it.

If you want copy that moves people into action then contact me or my team today!

Now is the time for you to scroll down this page until you see something you want to know more about. When you do, schedule a Zoom (or a call) with me or my team to discuss what you want to be done and how we can help you make it happen.

– Fortune

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The objective is to facilitate order taking of your products and create a hub for your content and message


Write script for a video sales letter

  • 20-30 minutes long


Write one persuasive email for a promo, sale, or invitation


Write email series for a follow-up sequence, opt-in, sequence, upsell sequence, or nurture sequence

  • 300 words max per email
  • charge per email (minimum of 3)

$150 per email

Develop a marketing strategy for a product or service

  • charged per hour

$225.00 per hour

Read, review, and make recommendations on marketing materials

  • charge per product or service


Write a case study showcasing a client’s story working with your company


Write a press release that gets attention from the media

  • charged per release written


Online Copywriting

  • write short-copy
  • up to 300 words per page
  • charged by the page/product


Create valuable and useful content to publish in a white paper or e-book


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