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10,000 Hours Going to Television…Outliers of TV

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Can you tell me where your 10,000 hours is going?

couch potato-done
After 10,000 hours of TV we have couch potato cat

I came across this statement today in a book my Robert Hollis. I read it. Read it again. Then, read it again. Finally, I stopped reading and created this pic.

Are you serious?! I don’t know the last time that I spent that much time watching TV. I have to blame that on my parents. My sister and I watched our favorite couple of shows (Transformers, Duck Tales, Woody Woodpecker, My Little Pony, Cosby Show). But, that was about the most TV we watched. I definitely got in my 10,000 hours of cartoons as a child.

I’m a social person and a former athlete. Even though I’m introverted, I like to be around people. I just want to know what’s going on but not be too engaged if I don’t have to be. Some of you reading this know exactly what I’m saying. I’d rather be out doing something than stuck in front of the boob-tube watching rich folk entertain me all night.

Anyway, back to the statement…

It may seem like a daunting feat to do anything for 10,000 hours, but that is the amount of television the average person watches in just five years!

Hollis is referring to Malcolm Gladwell’s research on successful people in his book, Outliers. Gladwell made a very convincing point that it takes time to master any craft. That time he calculated to be about 10,000 hours of dedication to a craft to master it. That holding true, then a lot of people (the majority, actually) super-duper-grandmasters of couch potato olympics. You can watch TV while eating, talking on the phone, disciplining your children and exercising (12 oz curls of your favorite adult beverage). Now, that takes some skills. Think I’m being sarcastic?

Watch children looking at their favorite movie or show. They are intent. No distractions. Complete focus. Sometimes you will have to walk over to the children and touch them on the shoulder to get their attention.

If they are trying to eat, they are missing their mouths. If they are on the phone, they probably shouldn’t have one (seriously?). Well, the other two they shouldn’t be doing anyway.

Is this where you want to be in 5 years? Do you want to have mastered another piece of your television game? Or do you want to be doing something purposeful with your life?

I bet you still have one or two goals to accomplish before you leave this Earth? And, I bet you that you will not accomplish them by sitting in front of the TV. At least half of those 10,000 hours can go towards accomplishing those goals. Besides, when you’ve accomplished your goals you will be more entertained by the value you bring to your family, to yourself, and to God than any TV show could bring you.

I don’t know what’s more important to you. I do know this. You’ve read this far because you want something different than the rest. Trust me. You can have it. You can do it. You are destined for greatness. This is your life. This is your time. Get up and go get it.

And remember…

Keep coming back and keep sharing the stuff that counts.



Helping you to live a life of No Doubt. Just Blessing.

To your continued success in all you do,

– Fortune

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