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How to use testimonials in marketing

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Do you know how to use testimonials in an automated email sequence?

In this video, I’ll give you the seven questions to ask your happy customers if you want powerful testimonials.

And I’ll walk you through the Story Formula that converts your testimonial into a persuasive email you can add to your automated email sequence.

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1:27 Testimonials and case studies are
2:55 7 questions you should ask
4:42 How to use your testimontials
7:13 How to get the testimonials
9:16 8 parts in the testimonial email

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Full Transcript Below

Do you know how to use testimonials in an automated email sequence? Well in this video, I give you the seven questions to ask your happy customers.

If you want to create powerful testimonials, and I’m also walking you through the story formula that converts your testimonials into a persuasive email, you can add into your automated email sequences.

So let me ask you a quick question though before we get into the content here and show you how to do all these things.

What’s the worst thing someone’s talked to you into doing just because they were so excited about it and wouldn’t stop talking about it? So you ended up doing it yourself. Go ahead and put your answer down below. I’ll put my answers in the comments also. Okay. All right.

So for those of you who don’t know, my name is Fortune. I’m the author of three books, any cell publishing strategists for established coaches and consultants who want to write a book and use that book to grow their business. I’ve created a proprietary method of getting your book out of your head in less than four hours using a few websites and a phone.

Today, I’m giving you seven questions to ask your happy customers. If you want to have a powerful testimonial, and I’m going to walk you through my story formula that converts your testimonials into a persuasive email you can add it into your automated email sequences.

Now testimonials and case studies. They’re the most powerful stories to tell when you’re trying to sell something there. They’re called third-party authorization, and they set off to psychological triggers that you can find in a book by Robert Cialdini called influence. Both the triggers are authority and social proof.

Now I’ll give you an example of what this looks like. I learned about my Facebook ads coach from a course on creating courses, not about ads. And I didn’t jump into her program immediately because I wasn’t sure if her super, super, super reasonable prices meant she was extra generous or that she was a newbie.

I wasn’t taking a chance, but when I finally looked at her Facebook group and our sales page, I saw tons of testimonials from happy customers. I was sold. I had to see what the fuss was about.

That’s how testimonials work. And there are seven questions you should ask. If you want to get the same effect from the testimonials testimonials that you collect from your customers. I talked about them on a recent training for the wealthy author group program. So here’s a clip from that right now.

Okay. So what is your name as you want it to appear in the testimony? What is your name as you want to put it? And I’m going right in here. It’s two up here. Okay. Well now what is the name of your business? As if like, if this is a business owner, then you say that. But if it’s not a business owner, then it’s where do you live?

So this depends on whether you’re doing, this is a business owner, your stuff is working with business owners, or you’re working to consumers. Okay. So that just depends on the individual. Next you have, what is your biggest problem prior to using or coming into the product or service? So you put into the product or service name right there.

Okay. I guess I can change the text color. I’m doing that. What changed for you after using the product of service? Okay. Share one specific notice I said specific and I’m gonna underline that so it makes it stand out a little more. Result you achieved from using product of service.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about getting the product or service, but is on defense right now?

Okay. Is there anything else that you think is worth sharing or that you want to share that haven’t been able to yet? Okay. Um, and of course you wanted to ask, maybe share your story. Now. I would, you don’t necessarily have to have all of these things out here at the bottom, but it helps if you can get a picture of the person, put the name of the face.

Um, now the email and logo are optional, but you definitely want, you definitely want to get this. Usually when should I get a picture at least?

Okay. Now, from here on out, when you have someone that’s, that gives you a testimonial, Gotta get in that habit, at least taking a screenshot, screenshot of what the testimonial, whether if it’s on social media, if it’s in that text message, if it’s in send to me. Okay? When they send, if someone says, oh my God, I can’t believe this, that, and the other, you take a screenshot because now I can, it’s hard to fake those if you paste it onto a page or something, or paste it into an email.

Think about that being an email or a direct message that someone sent to you that you took a screenshot. And so the quote right here didn’t come out like this, but it was a screenshot that you just put in that you’re pacing into the picture. So now, instead of it showing, instead of it saying it being typed out like this and probably need to do something like,

That probably needs to be, why don’t see probably like italics and we want to probably just move that over a little bit into the center, something like that to make it a quote and stand out in the email. Something simple like that. Right? Um, that instead of it looking like, boom, like this, cause you still wanted to stand out, it would stand out on its own if it was a picture, a screenshot.

Right. Okay. And it makes it even more believable because it’s a screenshot. Same thing you wanna do, like when people have your books. So you, when you, when people get your books, you wanna make sure they take a picture and send you a smiling picture of them holding your book, the, your book in front of them.

I do have¬†those. Yep. You do you absolutely. All right. Um. Now you’ll have access to those questions. Um, I will, I’ll put it in the, um, I’ll put it in the, um, the notes to this recording. I’ll put it in the notes for this recording, so the link will be in those notes.

Okay. All right. Now here’s the way I’ve done it in the past. You can, now, there’s ways of getting these questions that, um, there’s ways of getting those questions that I, that, that you can use, like video stuff, that use technology, all type of stuff now. So you can, the video does works even better, so you can ask some, you can send those questions to someone as a text message, email, or whatnot, and ask them to send you a Loom video.

Or to record it on a camera and upload it to like, whatever, like YouTube or whatever, and send you the link. Okay? So you can have ’em do stuff like that. Um, loom makes a loom video as long as they may make it allowable for you to download it. It’s easy, right? Um, if you’re in person, record it yourself.

right? Of course. Um, now there’s another way I used to do these, and I’m gonna share that with you. And this is through Google Forms, and you can create this in any of your forms, right? So when you have, you can create custom forms such, uh, on like convert kits or AWeber mail chamber or whatever you’re using.

You can go in there and create a custom form with these questions in there. So you can do it that way if you choose to. Okay. I’ve also done this through, so I’m just giving different options of how to get this information. Okay. You can send that all those questions and put ’em in an email and ask people to respond to it.

Right Now I’ve also done this, a Google form. A Google form. Lemme make sure I have the right one up before I go into all it. All right, Google form. Let me share this screen. All right, so in the Google form, this is how you, to and I, I only did a, a handful of times, but um, I might already have pulled up. I do have already pulled up.

So you can create this Google form free and have people respond to these questions.

The one thing I didn’t add in the clip was how to structure the email itself. I went into it, but I didn’t. I didn’t put that in the clip. So there are eight parts in the email itself, which includes an introduction, the story, the testimonial, and the call to action. So first you want to create a hook for the story. Now, the hook sets up the five part business story. For me, you’ve heard about this in other videos.

Next you deliver the business story in this order, these are the five parts setting situation, solution, system, and success. And finally you close out the email by telling your reader to take some action, like click the link, or schedule a call or respond to this email. The only other thing to include in the body, which is the eight part of the email itself is the quote that you can, I’m a fan of screenshots, but because they’re more authentic looking, you take a screenshot from your computer on your cell phone, but you can type it in, in there.

Uh, the quote, if you want to. But if you would do type it in there, make sure you put italics or in a boat or, and dentin it a little bit. So it stands out. To use the most powerful stories into disposal though, just to recap. You got to get answers to all seven questions that you learned in this video.

And then turn the best testimonials into an automated email and using the eight parts of a testimony, email. You just learn. Now, let me ask you. Are you trying to improve your storytelling skills? If you are. I want to give you a copy of my story, formula templates. You can use this template to turn any good idea you have into a persuasive piece of content.

I used it to make this video. Now all you have to do to get a copy is put the word story. S T O R Y, put it down in the comments below and I’ll send you a copy of the PDF. With that being said, you can be, you can do, you can have anything you want in this world. You’ve just got to believe you can live a life of no doubt.

Just blessings and I will show you how, and for all of you, no doubt is out there. I haven’t said this in a minute, like this in a minute. And I’d like to say it this way. I used to in a lot of time, right. Go out there and make life happen every day. Every day. And remember, you’re only one book away from the next breakthrough in your life or in your business. God bless. And I’ll talk to you next time.

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