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2 Major Reasons the 80/20 Rule Doesn’t Work

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There Are Two Things to Shift Between to Make the 80/20 Rule Work

( For an effective use of the 80/20 Rule click here. )

If you really believe in the 80/20 Rule then you are fairly peeved about my headline. I don’t mean it completely as a play on words. The statement is true. Most people believe that their productivity or results are guaranteed because they have done what was asked of them. This is now always the case though. And, often it is not the case.

Practical Use of the 80/20 Rule

As a father, I have to:

  • feed,
  • clothe/change diapers,
  • encourage,
  • discipline,
  • teach,
  • love,
  • nurture,
  • protect,
  • shelter,
  • and, pray for my children.

Now, I ask you, which of these activities is the most important?

This example shows how important it is to spend the most time on the right activities. These are the tough decisions that we make every day. Are you making the right decisions for you, your family, your beliefs, your community, your legacy? I hope that you are.

It is true that we tend to get similar results as those of the people we model if we follow the steps that we believe he or she modeled. However, the other piece of modeling, a very key piece, is understanding the mindset behind a habit or activity.

Two people can take turns at bat, receive the same pitches, make the exact same swing but because one understands which balls are better to swing at he will be a better hitter than the other batter that swings at every pitch.

Both of us can pray every day but our results may differ because of the strength of my convictions and faith compared to yours.

I don’t want you to think that the 80/20 Rule is obsolete. It is not obsolete by any stretch. It is often misused though. When we understand that there is a constant shift between our thinking/planning and activities then we are better able to perform properly and effectively.

What is it that gets you the most productivity out of your day? Do you know?

Have you taken the time to see which of the 10 things, like the example I began this post with, that deliver to you the best and the majority of your results?

When you understand what you’re supposed to be doing and doing those things, then you will be on your way to being much more effective. Figure out the 20 percent of activities to focus on completing. Then be sure to check your progress and make adjustments. Your key activities probably won’t change much but how you go about executing them probably will. Taking these steps will help you to achieve your objectives.

Learn to shift between your thinking and you activity so that you will spend the rest of your days doing the best for you and yours with extreme focus. As always, comment on this post if you found value or just want to tell me that you think that I’m wrong.

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