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A Cure for Cerebral Congestion (Before Getting That Brain Fog Thing)

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“When you allow your brain time to recoup, you recoup your time with a focused brain.”


Have you had a Tesla experience?

OMGoodness. I had one almost two years ago and I still can’t believe how exciting it was. Okay, so get this. I walked into the retailer here in the city with my vent clip and a fully charged phone. The only question I had for the associate was, “Can I record this?”
He said, “Sure, go ahead.” Or something like that. I was literally giddy with excitement. So, I didn’t really hear anything after ‘sure’.
 A woman who has since become my friend joined me on the test drive… excuse experience. I couldn’t find anyone to go during the daytime because they were all working at their JOBs. At the time, I didn’t have that problem.
Yeah, I said my job is a problem. Not because I don’t like my company or the owners or my coworkers. It’s a problem because I am still tethered to it. I’ve thought about what I will do when I hit the six-figure mark in my business.
Have you thought about that? What will you do the day that your job becomes unnecessary? Will you work on a part-time because you like the company? Will you walk out unexpectedly?
One company I used to work with told stories about how they planned out their last days of work. Limos would show up at the office. Or helicopters. Family, friends, and business partners stood outside the office clapping and cheering.
Doesn’t that sound awesome?! That’s another experience that I am striving to have.
Getting there requires that I help as many entrepreneurs as possible to get the coaching and tools they need to successfully reboot and rebuild their lives. One way I can help you do that is through a Discover Your Fortune call. Get a 30-minute complimentary discovery call with me today by going to www.nodoubtliving.com/freecall and grab a spot on my calendar.
Back in the Tesla. I set up my vent clip, focus my camera on me and my friend, and hit the record button. I’ll say this. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to ride in a spaceship, go drive a Tesla. Nuf said.
But, I don’t want to get you all excited about the ride. I want to hone in on one feature of the vehicle. In the model I drove, there are two ways to set up braking. There’s the standard braking system and regenerative braking.
The difference is that regenerative braking uses the momentum and friction and refractions of the sunlight mixed with the tonnage of a passing truck to shift energy back into the battery. Or something like that. I may have made up some of that technical stuff.
The point is this. When the car is set for regenerative braking a couple of things happen. First, whenever you remove your foot from the gas pedal, the vehicle begins to slow down. It’s similar to driving a stick shift.
Second, the battery begins recharging in the process. I don’t know how much it recharges and that’s not the point.

The point is that it recharges itself.

So, what does this mean for you?
There is so much going on in your day that you, like most busy people, don’t feel like you have time to take breaks. Every moment of downtime seems like you’re losing out.
You have proposals to propose. Writing to write. Emails to email. Products to produce. And, children to child-rear (see what I did there).
When do you ever have time to yourself? You don’t. Unless you start scheduling time for yourself.
It’s called cerebral congestion. It happens when you’re constantly thinking, creating, and producing. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for ways to increase profits, design the next product, or make the next move.
If you’re like me, you go to bed with ideas spiraling in your head like a tornado and you wake up to a gentle swirl. That’s the reason that you need to have brakes integrated into your day. Time to rest your brain and let things settle down for a bit.
Ya see, while you slept your brain didn’t stop completely. Your conscious brain slowed down significantly but your subconscious brain was still trying to figure things out. It was taming that tornado of ideas.
While you dreamed about a new house, a new spouse, and a new (what rhymes with ‘ouse’?) well you know what I mean… your subconscious figured out your next move. That’s why you jumped out of bed with a plan. Or at least an understanding of what you should do next.
The thing for you to do is start doing that on purpose. You know how you come up with great ideas in the bathroom? It doesn’t matter what I’m doing in the bathroom: brushing my teeth, taking a shower, or sitting on the toilet. I still come up with ideas when I’m in there.
That’s the downtime your brain needs to figure things out. It’s when you stop focusing so much that you allow your imagination to connect the dots and focus the lens of your intelligent all-seeing eye. (Don’t get caught up on that metaphor.)
I have a simple name for it:

Me Time.

Need some Me Time

You need some ‘me time’ in your life. Schedule it in your day at regular intervals. You don’t think about business during ‘me time’.
You think about nothing. Stare out the window. Drink a cup of tea or coffee. Go for a walk. Do some push-ups. Play with your dog. Tease the cat. Call a friend. Write a letter. Any of these ideas, when sprinkled throughout your day, will increase your productivity.
The brain needs stimulation and recuperation. It gets bored when there’s no stimulation. It gets tired when there’s overstimulation. Understanding the ebb and flow of brain activity is pivotal if you want to actually get things done in your day.
Working against it costs you. Working with it profits you. I like profits.
Want some other tips on how to get more done in your day?
Go to www.NoDoubtLiving.com/3blunders to download a training on the 3 blunders entrepreneurs make that keep them unproductive, overwhelmed, and afraid to take action… and how to fix them. Regular rest is just one way to fix them and it’s not one I talk about.
So, if you found this valuable, you’ll love what you learn in the free training!

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