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Happiness Can Be Taught and Studied

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Teaching Happiness


Dear Teach:

Teach’ said something else to me after class the other night. It was just she and I in the room. We were having a discussion about making money on the internet. I was doing the talking while she finished up some paperwork before we both headed home.

After a statement that I made,Teach’ made the comment that most of the people that she knows that are rich are not happy. At the time I didn’t say too much about her response. I wasn’t ready for someone that I believed has such an optimistic outlook on life to see the negative side of money. It goes to show that the training I receive on financial education is ‘spot on’. Most people do have  myths about money. This myths make the accumulation of money discouraging. So, why would you want to go out pursue the attainment of large amounts of the stuff?

I am further miffed by the very fact that not too long before then she had also made a statement about not having enough money to do this and to do that!

How can people, in their right mind, logically complain about the art of getting money in one breath then the next breath is about it not being all their is to life?

  • Do they not hear the contradiction in their own words?
  • Do they not feel the controversy in their hearts?
  • Do they not understand how much harder they are working for something that they truly have no passion for getting?



A part of them says I have to go to work to pay my bills, take care of my family, and live comfortably.

The other part of them says I will never have enough money, my job doesn’t pay me enough, and I am always working so I can’t enjoy my family or friends.

Then, they justify their answers by looking for evidence that they are right. (The mind has a peculiar way of convincing me of exactly what I want. It picks up all the clues that it can to prove itself right.)


I have gotten off my point… anyway, Teach’ honestly believes that being rich will not make that much of a difference. However, I also believe that she’s the type of person that is wants to grow. If I can prove to her that it will benefit her to understand the importance of what money does FOR you. And, I can persuade her to research the facts for herself (or better yet to prove my point)…


1.   first, I would have to get her to accept that their maybe a better more beneficial way of looking at the situation

2.   then, ask her to keep an open mind about what I will say and about what she will learn

3.   then, discuss with her the difference between what she believes money is and what money ACTUALLY is (because money is only energy)

This quote may help: “Where focus flows energy goes.”

4.   follow that discussion with one about how her ‘stinky thinking’ about money makes her make poor decisions about money (which affects her lifestyle)

5.   finally, openly discuss how her thoughts about money affect the lifestyle that she lives and that a shift in her financial paradigms will see a successful transition into a “happy” financial lifestyle to pair with her other success patterns

6.   close her by having her study about how to be happy AND rich, about how many MORE people she will be able to teach her lessons to with proper financial support (those of her own and by the new associations she will develop within the community and abroad), and how much more INFLUENCE she will have in her own life (remember, Teach’: you said you wanted to run your own classes)


I believe that is a solid plan of action.

All rich people are not unhappy anymore that all drunks are unhappy. Both are missing a key piece in their life: happiness. But, both can learn the steps to take in order to be happy.


I believe that happiness is a derivative of proper mindset not situation. Otherwise, we allow outside factors to influence how we feel. And, the point of the classes that I have with Teach’ is to learn that we control our own destiny by our decisions. One of those decisions is how we view and, ultimately, decide on how a given situation or ‘thing’ makes me feel. The emotion is a proactive decision not simply a reactive habit.


D Arlando Fortune

Keep it as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

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