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How to Move from Good to Great

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How I Moved from Good to Great in Baseball

Making the shift from where you are, good, into doing something great in that area is a difficult task when you’re just working at it. But, the process is much simpler when you have a system for how to get there. I profess I am not a super star but I was a great player. I wasn’t the biggest, the fastest, or the strongest on my team. So, how did I end up in a Division I school?

Here’s how I did it (there was the talking to schools and personality part also):



* before freshman year threw tennis balls against the walls
* before sophomore year had a coach at Triple Crown
* kept at it until I earned my athletic scholarship

What this translates into is a 3 part process:
1. be specific
2. have a coach/mentor
3. keep at it

Be Specific

When you want to change an area of your life into a great area of your life, you must first define what area you want to improve. Sounds a little silly but you’d be surprised how many people just start working harder without actually getting an understanding of exactly where they are and then deciding what needs improving SPECIFICALLY.

One problem with this is that you can easily reinforce poor habits that need to be adjusted. So, yes you may see improvement but the improvement may not get you the results that you want. Another problem is that it can be difficult to work on a lot of different areas all at once. It’s much easier and more effective to pinpoint the problem areas and correct them.

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Maybe you’re good at parts of the process and not others. We can further streamline the improvement process when we…

Have a Coach/Mentor

I cannot stress the importance of having someone to look at what you’re doing that has some mastery or at least better skills in the area that you want to improve. Even the greats have some form of mentorship. You wouldn’t think that Michael Jordan needed help. He was great, right? But, when you listen or read about his path to greatness he consistent credits his coaches for his improvements. Anthony Robbins was mentored by Jim Rohn. Warren Buffer credits his college professor for his beginnings.

Find a coach or mentor that can take you to the next level. One that can analyze where you are and see how far you can go. And, that can help you get there. Keep in mind that a coach or mentor may only be able to take you so far. But, you will always find another one to take you further if you remain humble, willing, and teachable.

So, you have specific areas to improve and you have a coach or mentor to keep you moving along. What now? You must do this last piece…

Keep at It

We don’t arrive at greatness and stop. Greatness requires that we continue the growth process, be persistent. Taking some time off to recover and enjoy some success is fine. But, if we want to stay at the top of our performance then we must keep at it. I suggest that you choose a path that you will want to be at long term. Otherwise, you may find that you have spent all this time working at something only to regret that it could have been better spent.

Attaining greatness isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will achieve greatness. Everyone can, however, reach a higher level of achievement than they currently have. That means that you can be a stud in your business. You can be a top producer. You can be a great parent. You can be great at something.

What path do you want to choose: mediocrity, good, or great? Why? Let me know in the comments below.

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