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It was just as hard to focus on writing these articles every day as it was for me to focus on other productive activities. After a few days or maybe even a week, my mind would wander back to what everyone else in the hood was doing.

Granted, I did not grow up in the hoods that I am referring to but as time carried on it seemed as if I was becoming more and more familiar with the activities of the hood than I was within my own housing area.

I was less aware of what was transpiring under my own roof than I was of what has happened at the party house or in the bar.

Come to think of it, I really didn’t care what was happening I simply wanted a distraction from my own thoughts. I wanted a way out of the house. So, my calls to my “associates” were more to see if anybody had any money, knew how to get hold of some, or was looking to hang out.

Of course, someone was always ready to hang out.

We are talking about people who lived for distractions. Their life was a constant distraction from what they should have and could have been doing if only…


  • If only they had had better parents…
  • If only they had been given more opportunities in life…
  • If only they had never started hanging out with the wrong crowd in the first place…

Their next thought: “Hey, who cares about that now? What are you doing? Are you trying to hang out right now? I have been sitting around the house for long enough and I need something to do.”

Those are the comments that roll off of our tongues as if finding suitable employment (or following our passions and using our God-given gifts) would not have been a viable option instead of the roller coaster rides associated with “hanging out” in the streets.

Basically, we were saying please help me find some distractions from my real responsibilities.

These darn distractions keep getting the best of us when we know full well that we should be giving our best to our responsibilities.

How many of us know the running plot for more than our favorite show? And, some of us probably know more about the lives of the reality TV stars than we do our own lives!!

Our mind knows these are distractions. It continually reminds us as we entertain our distractions. It nudges us with subtle suggestions of better programs.

“Don’t you have some work you were supposed to do for your side business (your blog)?”

“Weren’t you supposed to start working out this morning (and yesterday and last week)?”

“What happened to that book you started reading last month? Man, that had some good stuff in it, remember?”

This dance in our heads, between responsibility and distraction, is the reason that the few hours of distraction become a few days…

The mind is powerful (when used properly) and the body (how we feel) weak. The moment the body gets tired of dancing (because “It hurts too much” or “it’s uncomfortable”), the mind kicks into overdrive.

It says, “Enough of these distractions! I have responsibilities! What time is it?”

“Huh? And, what day is it?”

“Shoot! They’re going to kill me. Better answer the phone now and face the music…” (C’mon I can’t be the only one that ignored phone calls when I had more important things to do.)

What do YOU do when your mind starts kicking into overdrive and screaming at you to make a change? I hope that you are learning to listen to your mind when it asks you to make subtle changes.

When it gets to the point that it’s screaming at you (like the example above) then you are on the brink of hitting bottom. I know what it’s like to hit bottom. Trust me…

It’s much better to get started NOW on a better path.

The story above was about part of my struggles as I tried to clean my life up. I am happy to say that I make better choices today. That’s what this blog is about: Making Better Choices.

Not only that…

This blog is about being: “Committed to fortune. Dedicated to service.”

I hope the articles and stories in here fill some gaps that are missing in your journey.

I hope that some pieces from my life fall from this computer screen or whatever screen you are reading this on and into your lap so that you can take them with you until you figure out where they fit into your life.

I hope that you learn to commit your mind, body and soul to life improvement and dedicate your legacy to service to God (as you know it), family and your passions.

And, I hope to help you clarify your vision. No forests… No trees… And, no distractions.

D Arlando Fortune
Keep it as simple as A, B, C’2; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

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