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She thanked us twenty times in one night

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The first time I road tripped with Kyle was the fall of 2014. I met him at the office, loaded my bags into the rental car, and strapped into the passenger seat for a 300+ mile drive to the Quad Cities. I was excited about the trip for three reasons:

  1. I was leaving the city. For reasons I’m not going to explain, I wasn’t supposed to leave the state.
  2. I was getting paid. It was difficult for me to find employment at the time. Again, for reasons I don’t care to explain today.
  3. I would see a town from my childhood. Before moving to Indy, I’d spent several years in the Quad Cities.

This trip was not only my first assignment for the new job but it was the first time I met Kyle. We had six hours to get to know each other. As you cross the Indiana-Illinois border, there’s a small restaurant with some of the best pies I’ve ever had. A gas station attendant at a different exit suggested we try a small restaurant on a busy corner. She gave us directions and reminded us to have some pie.

Excited to eat and have some pie, we jumped in the SUV and headed for the Goodfield exit the site of the best pies in the area. As we came to the first stop light, we looked at each corner. There was no restaurant. Instead of searching aimlessly, we pulled into the gas station to our left to ask for directions. Before making it into the gas station, we notice a building next door. The name of the restaurant was A Busy Corner Restaurant. Oh shit! We’d been looking for a restaurant at a busy intersection not for a restaurant marquee.

We crossed the adjoining parking lot into the restaurant’s parking. We were, literally, right next to the restaurant and hadn’t noticed.

Entering the restaurant, we knew immediately we’d made the right decision. You know how you walk into a place and you feel comfortable. This was one of those places. The hostess showed us to our seats pointing out the display of pies and cakes at the counter as we walked. Both of us committed to trying something from that display case. It all looked delicious. Like mouthwateringly delicious.

I don’t remember what I ordered for lunch. I do remember taking and posting pics of the display case before deciding on a chocolate and peanut butter pie. (Chocolate and peanut butter? C’mon now.) Kyle had fried chicken. I remember because it took half an hour for his dish to arrive. The chicken covered half the plate. It was well worth the wait. Back on the road, we decided to visit that restaurant every time we traveled that way. We’d started a new tradition.

Finally, in the Quad Cities looking for our hotel, there was a moment when I went back to my childhood. To the right of us were houses and small office buildings. To our left was the Mississippi River. As we approached our turn, I saw the bridge I’d been anticipating.

I remembered riding across the swing bridge in the back seat of my father’s white Thunderbird. Occasionally, we’d have to stop for barges to pass. Watching the barges loaded with trash and other materials, I’d drift into my imagination wondering if I could jump off the bridge onto one of the barges like the spies I’d watched on TV. Fond memories from my childhood.

Snapping myself out of these thoughts, I pulled out my phone and recorded the scene for old times sake.

Finally at the hotel, the character of the building impressed and inspired me. It was an upgraded older building. The paint in the lobby looked fresh, the carvings along the trim and molding in the hallway appeared almost new, and then there was our bathroom. I was so excited by the mirror in the bathroom I pulled out my phone again and recorded a video. There was a TV built into the bathroom mirror! Who does that?

Anyway, the event that afternoon went smoothly. I expected more stress considering there were only two of us running an event. Kyle was in his early twenties and I was brand new. But, it was some of the easiest money I made. It felt even better because we were supporting a worthy cause. That event was about raising money for a school.

I’ve been to many events since then. I get to see the good in the world. People all over the Midwest meet to raise money for schools, foundations, and noble causes. We help the events run smoothly by handling the silent auctions, donations, and financial reports. It’s a necessary service and our clients love us for it. Which brings us to the reason for this message‚Ķ

Walking into the venue the other day, we were met with a cheer and praise. (If you want to set someone’s mood, celebrate their entrance.) Our contact for the event thanked us at least twenty or thirty times over the course of the night. By the end of the night after almost all of the guests had left, she was nearly in tears with joy. She told us this was the first event she’d been able to relax for any of the fundraisers she’d been a part of. She said we’d made everything easy for her and thanked us again visibly holding back her emotions.

“Those kind of moments make it worth while. I don’t mind going the extra miles for those types of clients.” – Kyle Benge

When I told Kyle I was going to talk about the event, he made that comment. And, that’s what you want from your clients. You want to serve them in a way that they sleep easier at night because they know you’re on the job or working with them. Many top marketers mention knowing your customer so well you know what keeps them up at night. Then, you speak to that pain in your marketing. It’s what brings them to you to give you money.

The same is true about your writing. There are people trying to solve a pain you have the solution for. Imagine if Kyle’s parents had not started their company and offered their services. During the event, we found out we were a recommendation of a recommendation. Someone attending a hospital’s event was so impressed with our service they told someone else about us. Then, they told another company.

There are so many people who need to hear your message and learn your process. It’s up to you to offer it to them and serve them to the best of your abilities. Get them results and they’ll spread the word. The first point of contact could be your book. It’s your best marketing and sales agent.

Imagine your ideal client is out there looking for you. She’s not sleeping well. Her days are stressful. She’s on the verge of breaking down but will not give up. You know what she needs.

Are you ready to give it to her? Are you ready to write the book she needs? Yes? Click here to get started then:

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