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Faith Is Just That Simple (The Phone Call)

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I cannot make people change, anymore than people can make me change. I must, therefore, accept you for where you are in your life as I want you to accept me in mine. I can offer advice, guidance, consultation but in the end it is up to you to change you — it is up to me to change me through my beliefs and my faith.

faith is just that simple, family

we teach people how to treat us

Phone ReceiverI had settled down to prepare to write for the evening when I received a call from a lady friend. she and I had been in an intimate relationship, off and on, for years. at this particular moment the relationship was in the off side of the chart (number 4, I believe). anyway, we were having a great conversation! I’m happy that we are able to have conversations like this — that do not end up in a verbal fight.

during our conversation, my father interrupts to ask me a question regarding one of our properties in Texas. I look up so that my eyes can meet his and show him the respect he has earned but I guess something in my tone or demeanor upset him. he immediately asked who I was on the phone with.

after my response he turned on his heels, corners of his mouth drawn down, and walked away stiff-necked and visibly upset.

I later asked him the reason for his apparent disappointment with me.  to which he responded, “whenever you get on the phone or you’re around that girl you act as if you need to poke your chest out when I talk to you!”

I didn’t know what he has talking about in this instance. but I think I was made aware of his meaning today. the possibility of people changing their states almost instantaneously during interactions with certain individuals is what I think he was describing.

the conversation that I had with a good friend, Jen (now married… sorry I don’t have your name for this), opened my eyes to this level of consciousness within my own spirit.

this was only one such eye opener I experienced as we conversed today.

she reminded me to take these steps when I recognize myself in that state — in that space of fear or misunderstanding. she said “that she drops her head and asks God to ‘Come and take this away from me, please?'”

faith is just that simple!

you’re open to everything when you’re feeling good

I related to her how I know that I am destined to speak in front of thousands of people (at a time) and show them how to change their lives. I know that this is God’s plan for me. she reminded me, in her own words, of something that you hear me say often: God uses lives of victory.

but she cautioned me to be careful on my stage and in my journey. she reminded me that the enemy (in whatever form it chooses to take) will find a way to tempt me in all things.

she offered some more steps that she takes during these moments.

she said for me ask myself “is this serving me or is it serving God?” that I should, in all things, be conscious of my choices and be ever-aware of “the enemy that’s playing in your playground”. she made the last comment in response to my telling her that I love the good feeling that I get when I’m in front of people speaking.

after hearing her response, I reflected on the moments that I have had that ‘good’ feeling. what I discovered in my self-reflection was that although I consistently had a good feeling when I spoke in front of people, there was a distinct difference in the feeling itself… depending on the moment.


feeling good is feeling good, right?

Feeling Good

well, here’s how I can explain the difference. after some occasions I would feel this great energy welling within me and I could feel strength surging through my muscles and fibers. after other occasions I would feel this tremendous source of power that was flowing through me. it felt separate from me yet it wasn’t. it was a feeling of profound peace. family, there is strength in peace and understanding like none other… call it faith.

on the one hand, I felt as if I could take on the world. while the other hand, experiences felt as if the world was already mine.

I could remember most of what I said during the physical and emotional moments of strength. I couldn’t remember a damn thing I said during the SPIRITUAL moments of strength. (yeah, I used profanity and spirituality in the same sentence. so what?)

I’m not sure that one is better than the other. I believe that both are needed. however, the one determining factor between the two was whether I asked God for the words to say.

faith is just that simple.

I plan to do both from here on out. I will work myself into a powerful physical and emotional state AND I will ask my spirit for the right words. that will be a message on steroids!

I think that also means that I should do the same for my writing. the state I look for when I write is quiet and focused. I may start with a plan but then the breath of life I strive to put into my words begins to flow. if I let it do it’s thing, the spirit of my life, as I know it, comes to life on the page. YESSIR!!

faith is just that simple.

faith can be a simple thing to get

I asked her: what was it that made you make that shift in your thinking?

she said: My son

faith is just that simple

“fear is not faith,” she said. “faith means that I no longer have to worry.”

family, I know that to be a fact! looking into my past I have enough evidence that I was saved by grace.

“I’m a single mother with a child,” she said. “there were times that I didn’t know where I was going to go. but He made a way.

“when I was trying to take everything into my own hands I only got so far before I started messing things up. I had to learn to let God take care of things. when I am doing things that are in line with what He has planned for me then things will work out”

faith is just that simple

family, understand that my plans are to serve God, as I understand Him. I may not like the immediate results that He gives me but…

Simple Faith

I love the plan

I love the journey

I love the acceptance

I love the happiness

I love the joy

in a nutshell, I love the life that He has opened up to me. whether or not I or anyone else likes the bad and the ugly of it,  I have faith in the good and the beauty of my life. that is what is promised me. it has been that way for generations and it will continue to be so.

why do I have to have the both sides? you ask. I don’t know. like Jim Rohn said, “I’m asking you not to sign up for that class. Don’t sign up for these, ‘Why is this?’ classes. It’s just the way it is–like winter following fall and spring following winter.

faith is just that simple


faith IS just that simple


when you’re thirsty and you want a drink of water? I hope that you find water to quench your thirst.

when you’re hungry and you want a bite to eat? I hope that you find food to satisfy your hunger.

when you’re ignorant and you want to understanding? I hope that you find the words to empower you mind.

both thirst and hunger are signs that you are liking some form of nourishment. a lack of water manifest itself as a feeling that we have labeled thirst. a lack food manifests itself as a feeling that we have labeled hunger. we have been both been thirsty and hungry, family. the books I read and the people I associate with fulfill my need for understanding.

but, I also know that I have had moments when I was thirsty and water didn’t help. there have been times when I was hungry and food didn’t work. and, there have been times when reading a book or seeking counsel didn’t fulfill my needs either.

it was during those times that I operated on faith. remember that ‘fear is not faith’ so I sit back in faith to allow God, as I understand Him, to take the lead. it is in these moments when my spirit it lacking that I find my faith filling me back up.

family, faith is just that simple.

D Arlando Fortune

Keep it as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

PS. I really got into that one didn’t I? I hope that you have found a lesson for yourself through my recounting of the phone call. Jen has a great story. I would rather her tell you herself than I tell it. maybe you got something more from this story. if you did, then leave your comments below.

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