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My Twelve Year Old Son Buys a New Car

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Update on the YouTube front:

I have been learning about scripting, filming, and editing for YouTube. It has been a lot of fun for me. I just love to learn (that’s the fun part about being a nerd). I enjoy practicing what I learn even more (that’s the great part about being an entrepreneur)!

Family, I plan on pulling a late night tonight. I am so excited about this, my first editing project, new concept for me. I love writing. I love teaching. I love the sound of my voice. And, I don’t think I’m a half bad looking man either.

So, it is only natural that I eventually evolve my writing and speaking into some YouTube videos. With God’s blessing you will be the first of our growing internet family to see my work.

Now to the story of the day…

Yesterday the sound of the garage door raising awoke me. I ran downstairs to see who was entering through the garage hoping that my mother was returning with my son from their day of shopping.

In steps my father who says to me, “Go see what your son made me buy today.”

All kinds of things are running through my head: a new bike, some new shoes, or a new video game. All of which would have been surprising since my father doesn’t do the shopping. Mama does that.

I ask him, “What did he talk you into getting?”

He simply says, “Go see.”

Random thoughts are still going through my mind as I open the door to the garage. Stepping down into the garage I notice the far garage door is still up and there a shiny black car parked on the hill. I don’t pay it much attention until I step close enough to see the price sheet still taped to the inside of the window.

Are you kidding me?! I say to myself.

Then, of course, I run back into the house and say the same to my Daddy. “Are you kidding me?! You let him talk you into buying a new car!”

Apparently, Mama, Daddy, and my son test drove the Cadillac first. Then, they went down the street to a Ford dealership and test drove the hybrid Escape. To which my son exclaims, “Grandpa, this car looks plain. It looks sad.” He waves his right hand across his body from his shoulder to about mid-thigh. “It droops like this,” he says.

ImageWhat’s a Grandpa to do at this point?

All three of them climb back into the vehicle they left out in and head back to the Cadillac dealership. On the way there my son says, “Okay. Grandpa are we going to get the best one now?”

Hearing this story from the three of them yesterday at the dinner table got me wondering about motives. What drives people to buy something? As much logic as we put into a purchase, the overriding factor is some emotional element.

Let me explain…

My father had mentioned a few nights previous to this purchase that he wasn’t going to spend over a certain amount.

I asked him this morning why he had chosen the vehicle that he chose when it was more than he said he was going to spend. His response was that he wanted the best deal. This was the best deal. (He did get a great luxury vehicle with low mileage at a great cost but the hybrid was within his stated price range and offered all the things he was looking for.)

My next question: “Did Trevor play a role in your decision?” He replied with a ‘yes’ and walked away. (That’s Daddy – simple, direct.)

Do you get that?

Reread the story and leave your comments below on what you believe happened here.


D Arlando Fortune

Keep is as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

PS. Keep your eyes open for tomorrow’s sneak peak of my first video editing project!

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