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One Armed Surfer (God Is in the Possibilities)

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Bethany Hamilton. I don’t need easy… I just want possible!

Dear Family:

Did you know that God is in the possibilities?

I watched a movie today about a one armed surfer. This one armed surfer and champion, Bethany Hamilton, has a phenomenal story. (That’s how we do it on here!)

She was a promising young surfer on her way up through the amateur ranks. One day while practicing she is attacked by a shark. The shark takes her left arm almost to the shoulder. She makes it to the hospital, survives surgery, and the one looming question she has for her doctor is, “Will I be able to surf?”

Talk about having a burning desire! In spite of her circumstances, she still wants to continue on with her dreams.

You Can Do It

Well, she gets back onto her surf board and heads back out to the amateur competitions. This time she is not as victorious as she would have liked. She actually ruins her board during the competition and is not able to finish. Defeated… she promptly gives up on her dreams. I’ve been there, too.

After dislocating my ankle in college, I had no clue how I would be able to come back from it! But, in college I didn’t fully understand what God (the universe, the world) had in store for me. Ya see, I didn’t understand that…

“God is in the possibilities!”

That’s what came to mind today when I reflected on this magnificent story of achievement. I’ll let her story explain what I mean by this statement…

Not only did Bethany give up on her dreams but she went so far as to give away her surf boards to some of her young fans. Bethany hadn’t yet understood what possibilities were hidden inside of her apparent tragedy. She was lost and questioning her life. Until…

She went with a youth group (World Vision) to help the people of Thailand after a devastating tsunami. While there she bounded with some children that she was attending to and found hope in the midst.

In the midst of the despair of a beaten country.

In the midst of a broken family.

In the midst of hurting spirit.

In the midst of all of this she found hope for herself in giving hope to others. She also found happiness in giving happiness.   (YESSIR!!)

Upon her arrival in the U.S., she is greeted with bags of fan mail telling her about how they were inspired by the fact that she simply TRIED TO COMPETE in spite of her apparent tragedy. Bethany was finally beginning to understand that “God is in the possibilities” when she decides to give competition surfing another try.

Soul Surfer

You will have read more about her story for yourself to find out what happens.

You are not alone family…

You don’t have to believe that you have no way out…

You can continue to come here to read about more stories. Hopefully, something in m life or the retelling of others will help you to make the shift in perspective.

What Bethany found in her tragedy was that surfing was only a vehicle for her to serve the greater good. She found that her story was a way to inspire people to greatness and to live out their dreams in spite of the ‘stuff’ that happens that make it seem impossible. It is very true that “God is in the possibilities!” Bethany found this out and lives it every day. (And, guess what, she is rewarded in more than just spiritual abundance!)

D Arlando Fortune

Keep it as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

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