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Sit Down For A Minute (Not Going to Jail Again)

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Jim Rohn. “It all starts by making one little change and adding to it every day. You can’t start changing what’s going on around you without first changing what’s going on within you.”

Every time that I went to jail and told to sit down for a minute, I had a spiritual moment each time I decided that I didn’t want to go to jail again. I would drop to my knees asking for forgiveness for what I had done. Mind you, I wasn’t asking to be saved from some certain circumstance. In fact, there was a discussion I had at one point during a ‘session’ over whether or not a person could be free while locked up.

I was of the opinion that a person was definitely more free within a jail cell than he or she was outside for the simple fact that the person no longer had any responsibilities.

While locked up: food was prepared and brought; a place to sleep was provided; TV was available; a library for further education was available; and, there was plenty of time to meditate on life.

I began citing different people who, when told they had to sit down for a minute,  had found peace of mind through the isolation that being locked in jail had brought them.

No, the person locked up did not have the freedom to physically get up and go whenever he pleased. My point was that the person had the opportunity to find, in forced isolation, a spiritual freedom almost like none other opportunity.

He could sit down for a minute and contemplate on the pieces of his life that needed correction. He could rid his mind of the belief that he needed complete control in order to be free. He could accept that there was much more to life than the activities that landed him there in the first place. And, he could find safety in a power greater than himself which is where I began today’s discussion.

Now, how often do you think that plan works out?

The bad news

Don’t get me wrong, family…

I do NOT wish incarceration upon anyone that is not deserving. But there comes a time when we all need to “sit down for a minute” (because I’m not going to jail again) and figure things out.

The sad part is that most incarcerated individuals re-enter society with a clearer perspective — but that perspective is on how to become a better criminal. Most do not come out with the intent to go back to doing the same old activities. Things happen that lead them back to a point where a crucial decision must be made.

It’s at this crucial moment that individual decides whether the life he dreamed of when he had to sit down was important enough for him to accept it as a true possibility. I’m telling you from experience that if the individual has not made a decision to stand up and step out into a better life then he will be told to ‘come on back and sit down’… again.

Life doesn’t discriminate in this learning thing. In the words of my Southern roots, “It’ll learn ya.”

What do I mean by that?

You already know the answer but I’ll spell it out: You will continue to be tempted by the same things in your life until you learn how to deal with them in a productive and progressive way. That’s why I was supposed to ‘sit down for a minute’ so that I could learn from my adversary, build a new belief for myself, and create a new plan of action.

So, I ask you, family…

What adversary do you keep facing?

You are going to have to identify what is holding you back from your greatness. I’m not asking you to dwell in your past. I’m telling you to identify the temptation that is going to confront you again when you have stepped out of your temporary imprisonment.

Wait a minute…

You’re trying to tell me that I’m in prison. But I haven’t committed any crime. Well, you tell me…

Is it a crime to continue mentally beating yourself up for things in your past that you cannot change — that’s battery.

Is it a crime to kill your dreams simply because you don’t understand how you’re going to become THAT person — that’s murder.

Is it a crime to step on and pull other people away from their dreams when they are following the path they believe has been laid down for them — that’s theft.

Is it a crime to allow your boss to pimp you out for your talents and keep the money because he knows what best for you — that’s prostitution.

Is it a crime to tell yourself that “I’m too dumb”, “I’m too fat”, or “you can do that, but I will never be able to do (fill in the blank)” — family, that’s libel and slander!

I know I went on a bit of a tangent but understand that your biggest adversary is your own thoughts. Realize that you have asked your true self — your spirit — to sit down for a minute because you were not mentally ready to take on your life (you hadn’t made the decision that you were not going to jail again).

That pain your feeling is your spirit. It’s in pain because it’s been trying to tell you that there’s a better way.

Identify the thoughts that keep leading you back to the same situations, the same conditions, the same people, the same results, the same life…

Then, answer this question…

What belief do you need to build and program into your mind?

Maybe you don’t know what belief you need to build and that’s okay. All that means is that it’s time for you to begin studying. If you want some change in your life… if you truly want that change then you gotta go find the answers.

The answers don’t come to the people who sit around and wish. A great man said “seek and ye shall find”. That word seek is a verb. You have to actively seek out the beliefs that you need. You have to actively seek out the steps that you need to take in order to make it to the next level. You gotta MAKE it happen for yourself.

Here’s an important note: the very fact that you have read this far into this post says that you are seeking. You have begun making that ‘one little change’ as the opening quote says.

It is then, and only then, that providence will step in to show you that you’re on the right path.

Finally, ask yourself…

What action do I need to take to create this new path in my life?

Let me clear something up here.

The last question required you to actively step out and ‘seek’ your answers.

In this step, you are going to create a new path for your life.

You figured out your adversary.

You figure out what new belief that you needed to overcome your adversary.

Now, you take action so that you can create a new life for you in spite of your adversary. Take these steps and watch how better prepared you are to meet that adversary head on when it comes up.

Ya see, family, when I was put in jail the first few times I didn’t use my time wisely. Oh, I sat down and thought about what had got me there. And, I thought about what I wanted to be, to do and where I wanted to go when I go out. But, I didn’t make a plan on how to confront and overcome my adversary when I ran into it again.

I thought that I would be able to avoid life’s lessons. That’s not how this thing works. You are going to have to face these adversaries over and over and over and over until you defeat them or give in to them.

I’m not giving in to ANYTHING that’s trying to hold me down! And, with the God, that I know, I will be set free! I don’t want to be told to ‘sit down for a minute‘ again.

Where you at, family? Answer those questions.

D Arlando Fortune
Keep it as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

PS. If this message has inspired you to take some new action in your life that I’m grateful that my words have hit there mark. Don’t keep it to yourself, though. Share this post with your friends and family that are going through some things.

PSS. If you are looking for a speaker for any occasion than respond to this post and leave a comment below.

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