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Words of Inspiration (The Neighborhood Fireworks Story)

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Linda Proctor. We are both receiving every good that comes into our life from the same source. There is only one source of supply. That is Spirit… everything comes from Spirit.

How to Get Inspired: 3 Steps to Take Towards Divine ‘Words of Inspiration’

Write Useful Stuff cartoonI came into my office this evening to begin writing. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to write about but I knew that it was going to be powerful.

Now, that probably sounds arrogant.

And, it is.

But, you may not understand the position of power that I am writing from.

I came into the bathroom (the ‘second office’) to write without a definitive topic in mind because I had faith that something important was going to come through me and onto the page that you are reading. It’s very simple to me. I go through a process that we discussed a few days ago: I asked for divine words of inspiration.

I have the three steps that I use below so be prepared to take some notes on those steps.

Back to my story though…

I was sitting in here reading over an email from a very inspirational writer when I heard these explosions going off outside.

boom, pop, pop, pop

I didn’t pay it too much attention and continued reading. The email went on talking about how we are all celebrities in our own right…

boom, pop, pop, pop

I keep on reading but there’s a curiosity beginning to swirl around in my head as to exactly what was carrying on outside.

It’s in those nudges from childhood that our celebrity exists,” says the writer…

boom, pop, pop, pop
The curiosity got to me, family. So, I went outside to check things out. I live in a good neighborhood so I wasn’t sure what kind of racket was going on at almost 10 o’clock at night. I open the back door and peer out over the backyard and into the yards of my neighbors.

Nothing happening.

I shut the door and begin walking towards the front thinking to myself: Maybe I was hearing it wrong.

I open the front and look out over the tops of the houses in my neighborhood.

Still… nothing happening. Disheartened, I return to my second office and sit down to finish reading my email and to write today’s post.On Knees in Prayer

Once I completed the email, I pushed my laptop away from, bowed my head, and said a short prayer.

As promised, here are the three steps that I took…


When I bowed my head down to ask for divine words of inspiration I had no clue of the specifics of today’s topic. What I had was a general idea.

The general idea doesn’t change too much for me. I wanted to deliver an inspirational story. I wanted to affect some level of change in the lives of all those who my words touch. (That’s why I ask you to post your comments and to share these posts with your friends and family.) Don’t be selfish with the blessings that pass through me. Think about what would happen if I was selfish… if I didn’t put words to paper when I was inspired. Ya see, I knew as a child that I was destined for greatness.

My parents had a lot to do with nurturing that flame but I didn’t take heed to their lessons for a good ten years of my life. I had some moments of clarity when I did write but often I was lost and claimed to be on my own path.

I was though. Don’t let anyone tell you that your path is not the path you are supposed to be on. But I warn you to take heed of the warning signs when you’ve gone too far.

Those detour signs are there for a reason!

Step one is decide what kind divine words of inspiration you need.



This may be the difficult part for many of you. I know you’ve been told to go get what you want. You’re probably saying to me right now “I’m a grown man or I’m a grown woman and I don’t need help from nobody or nothing.”

You’re right.

And, you’re wrong.

(This is just the way I see things. Take from it what you will and leave the rest.)

You’re right in that you DO have to go get it yourself. However, I’m asking you to take a moment… right before you go out to go get it…

I’m asking you to humble yourself enough to ask for inspiration

…to ask for the things you want to manifest in your life (today, short term, and long term)

…to ask to be able to recognize the opportunities your looking for when they present themselves

…to ask for the strength to bite into the negative energy that is thrown at you, swallow it down, and turn it into fuel

If you take the time to do this step towards divine words of inspiration, then you put yourself in a position for acceptance.


Family, we know what we want. We asked for it. And, now we have to accept the hints and clues that we see.

This step takes some faith. It takes some trust in your gut feeling. I realize that that may be strange for all of you reading this that are acting on pure willpower every day. This concept of divine words of inspiration may be completely foreign to you.

I’m telling you there are going to be times in your life that you need that little extra from somewhere! You’re going to be sitting there trying to decide what your next move is… You’re looking for direction on the internet. You ask your trusted friends or family for advice. You sit down to write out a plan and you still don’t know what to do and then…

boom, pop, pop, pop

You get distracted for a moment and it sparks your curiosity. But, no, you can’t get sidetracked. You gotta figure out what your next step is.

boom, pop, pop, pop

You can’t take the curiosity anymore. You go check out what’s in your past for some answers. But, nothing’s happening.

You look at what’s in front of you but you don’t see the answer.

It’s in that moment, especially, that I want you to go sit down, bow your head, and ask for divine words of inspiration.

boom, pop, pop, pop

Just like the fireworks that were being shot off into the night in my neighborhood today. You put a little flame on the end of the rocket, step back, and let it go. When your rocket gets to the end of its fuel…

boom, pop, pop, pop

Fireworks Explosion

It explodes! It releases its beauty, wonder, amazement, and joy. It showers you with divine words of inspiration, family. Then you…


D Arlando Fortune
Keep it as simple as A, B, C’s; 1, 2, 3’s; and, do, re, mi’s

PS. Those are the three steps that elevate me to a position of power, family. Use these 3 steps to divine words of inspiration daily. A final note, say ‘thank you’. You don’t have to say it to some religious entity. It’s my belief that acknowledging a power greater than you is plenty. So, say ‘thank you’!

PSS. Take the time to read through some of the other posts here on this site. As you come across some that you feel need to be shared then do it! And, be sure to sign up to the email list so that you are the first in line to receive updates.

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