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What to Do in the Storms of Life – Cows vs Buffalo

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How to Face Your Next Big Challenge

Things happen. It’s inevitable and it’s the way this world was put together. We’re going to get some good times mixed in with some bad times. How you handle both is your level of happiness.

For example.. two families facing similar conditions:
– from dual income to single income
– spouses are at odds
– children are being disrespectful and acting out

What do you do as the head of household?

Some people will shy away from their responsibilities. Others will face them. Some will be the cow that sees a storm and runs. While others will face the storm like a buffalo and charge through it. That is the basis for today’s inspirational talk…



1. aware of the impending danger
2. you cannot outrun your problems for long
3. face your problems

Aware of the impending danger

The first step in dealing with the storms of life is to be aware of them. You can bury your heads in the sand or pretend that you don’t see them or try to not to acknowledge them but that does you no good.

Both the cows and the buffalo see the storm as it begins to come over the range to the west. Neither try to ignore it. That’s just plain silly.

I ask you: What situation has been bothering you that you haven’t faced or fessed up to yet? What problem is sitting on the horizon that you are not prepared for?

You cannot outrun your problems for long

Like the cows running from the approaching storms, you will only be able to avoid them for so long. Eventually, they will catch up to you. At which point you can either keep running and prolong the situation or you can sit still as the cows do and wait it out.

I don’t recommend either one of them. My choice would be to…

Face your problems

The buffaloes see the storm heading their way and wait for it to pass over the range. When it does, they head directly for it. They want to hurry up and get through with it.

They charge into the storm which shortens the amount of time that they stay in it. What a great concept!

Instead of spending my time avoiding the inevitable, you can face it head on and come out on the other side. This is a different way of thinking for most. It makes sens that you will be in the minority, right?

The numbers are different

The cows number about 80+ million in the US compared to 4,000+ buffalo. What that says to me is that when you start to face your fears head on, you start separating yourself from the rest of the population which is looking for handouts, tax cuts, promotions, and bonuses.

No, you, my friend, are on your way to making things happen for you and your family.

This is no joke. You are prepared to be a buffalo from here on. I hear you: If that’s what it takes to succeed.

I’m telling you now that it is part of the solution. Step into it. And, step up to your next situation ready. Tell the world to bring it on, world. You can handle it. ( Or else you can always go back to being a cow. )


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