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Your WHY: This One Idea Will Cost You Your Network Marketing Business

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Your Businesses Foundation Rests on Your WHY

In this post, I gave you the 5 simple steps to Mastering your Network marketing business. There is one essential piece that I purposely left out. I left is out because it is so important that it deserved its own separate post so that I could drill it into your head and, hopefully, into your heart.

That one idea is that you must have a reason for doing building this business.

You must have some burning desire for you to keep fighting the fight. You must have a deep need to fulfill when the end seems to be out of sight. You must have a deep seated WHY for building this business.

I suggest two ways for looking at your WHY. The reason for this is simple: we either seek pain or pleasure, run toward a dream or away from a dread. I further suggest that we actually depend on both of them depending on the situation. You have to figure that part out for yourself.

When it comes to building a business, what fires you up more: going after your dream or getting as far away from what you dread as possible?

Think about both situations in as much detail as possible. The one that makes you want to get up off the couch is the one that you start with.

Remember: you have to continually fine tune and tweak your activities to improve your results.


The first one to discuss is your pain WHY. It can stand for What’s Hurting You? Answer that question for yourself. What is causing you the most pain in your life right now?

Is it your finances?

… your relationship with your significant other?
… is it your boss?
… is it your job?
… is it something in you that feels incomplete?
… is it debt that is crushing you?
… is it lack of time with your family?
… is it because your children are growing up without you?
… that you feel like helping some cause and can’t?
… that you want to help your parents but don’t know how?
… want a business of your own but don’t know how?
… just want MORE?

Maybe I didn’t touch on what it is for you. Whatever it is if you don’t know what it is. If you don’t define it for yourself. If you don’t put a label on it, the chances of it overcoming you once again is highly probable. Define that pain and get to work on it through this wonderful industry of Network Marketing. Is your WHY a dread? Or is it a dream?

The other side of the coin is What’s Happiness to You? What a fabulous thought! If you know what your life is going to be like when you succeed then this process will be that much easier to bear. Again, define your lifestyle. Get into that dream that you have for your perfect day, your dream life.

What does your life look like:

… your house?
… your marriage?
… your parent-child relationship?
… your vacations?
… your work schedule?
… your team?
… your mentorship?
… are you six-figures and building?
… how many lives have you affected?
… is there life after success?
… your faith?
… your beliefs?
… your leadership?
… your health?
… your bank account?

The answers to these questions should whet your appetite. If you’re anything like me, then you’re smiling so big and bobbing your head to the song of freedom. Keep marching to that tune. When you have defined your dreams you have and idea to reflect back upon and replace your present circumstance. It’s only a matter of time and effort that you will be standing in that dream.

Then you’ll pinch yourself or someone around you to make sure that it’s really happening.

Without an understanding of both of these YOU WILL PROBABLY QUIT.

Get to work on both of them now. Then, focus on the one that has your heart racing, breathing changed, and head spinning with ideas. That, family, is what will help you succeed. The other steps won’t matter much in times of stress and depression if you’re not prepared.

Prepare yourself now!

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Dwight Fortune
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